“The biggest distance between two people is misunderstanding.”


Did you know that the average professional uses only 15% of his/her talent? That’s a shame really, isn’t it?

It is complicated to keep up with technological progress and social changes, but the most important element of success is character! In addition to this, when you are able to make sense of why people think and behave so differently you have all the basics you need to cooperate, lead to the maximum of your potential.

Discover your blindspot, learn why you do what you do you and expand your comfort zone. You will discover what your real ambition and drive is, which enables you as a professional to use a bigger percentage of your talent and you will reveal the true strength of your character.

Changes starts with you.

Mind-opener | Certified Cross Cultural Trainer

Philomène Klomp

My passion for languages started at the age of 7. My mother used to watch TV-series about the south of France. I loved the sound of that language and was irritated because I could not figure out what was being said. I have spent half my life in France and enjoyed being abroad. I studied English and French and loved being able to communicate. However, during private journeys and numerous meetings all over Europe, I discovered language is one step, culture is the second.

I have witnessed irritations during meetings and conferences, conflicts and miscommunication on all levels, both in my private and professional life. Business deals being lost, relationships ruined. Why?

It kept puzzling me. “If you want answers, find them”, my father used to say, so I deepdived into cultural studies and found my passion in intercultural awareness.

We all have our own personal blindspot. Knowing your blindspot, revealing your ambition and drive leads to high performance human beings, teams and companies. Don’t hesitate, the effort is worth it, I promise you.

And you know what? Once you open up your mind for language and culture you discover it is a world full of unexpected hurdles, but also a universe of fun, miracles, unexpected encounters: you broaden your horizon! I finally understood why I sometimes no longer felt at home in my own country, why I did what I did and expanded my comfortzone. I would love to share my experiences and knowledge with you.

  • Cultural awareness training (UK)

  • Mind-opener to unlock professionals potential

  • Behavioral Expert

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What do I offer you as a professional?

Did you know that most people:

  • Show only 10% of their true personality?
  • Use no more than 22% of their potential?
  • This means 80 to 90% of their hidden talents and personality are not yet visible yet.

Most people act on autopilot or go with the flow of a group without giving it a second thought. Your opinion, good qualities and personality remain completely invisible. You miss opportunities and you loose potential, both in your private and business life, as an individual and as member or leader of a team.

Introduce yourself to culture and human behaviour and start understanding the behaviour of others, the effect of your own behaviour on other people and how and why you react the way you do. Discover your biases. Are you up for change? Together we will reveal your potential, enlarge your comfortzone and show your real power.

What is in it for you?

This training is personal. Before you know me, I know you on a behaviour and communication level + you get time to learn, process and implement all you learn. It is not just a one off training, it is a whole program: the power of repetition. In a relaxed well planned way you will be able to change your habits and views permanently and effectively.

Training possibilities

Each individual training is different. You decide upon your take aways; for your organisation, your career or for you personally. During this training I help you realise your goals, by looking at what, how and why you act, feel and think the way you do. The foundation of each training is Global DISC, a certified, scientific behavioral tool (included in each option). The sessions can take place in person, hybrid or online.

Surviving the Dutch – avoiding the cultural gap

Moving into and working in a country is quite something. All practical and operational affairs are taken care of. You have already spent time in the country you’re moving into, so you know about customs, habits (culture). At first you’re fine, but than you discover it is not as easy as you thought to feel ‘at home’. You are not alone. No less than 40% of all migrants/expats encounter cultural barriers in both country and company and this also goes for partners and spouses. “I will leave if my family is not happy” is the most selected factor in questionnaires.

Why not invest in yourself and your family to learn how you can improve things so you feel more ‘at home’? Not just with colleague expats, but with locals too. I know from own experience that ‘the cultural gap’ can be challenging. I am Dutch, but surviving the Dutch can be complicated.

Why would you contact me?
In a personal meeting for 2 we deepdive into the characteristics of this country and your own personality. We discover how you can improve relationships and at the same time your effectiveness increases.

meeting 90 minutes in person

Deepdive  60 minutes in person (2x). Investment per person: Euro 199,00.

Short package:

Let’s meet

90 min. Training

€ 325,-

Short package:

Let’s meet again

90 min. Training + online self exploring + 60 minute coaching session

€ 390,-

Short package:

Double fun (2 persons)

90 min. Training +
comparison report

€ 450,-

Short package:

All out

90 min. Training + online self exploring + 2 x 90 minute coaching session

€ 550,-

Short course:

Change in 4

4 x 90 minute indivual trainingssessions

€ 750,-

Short course:

Global thinking

1 day workshop +
online self exploring

€ 550,-

Short course:

One day fits all

1 day workshop +
Fast-teaming passport

€ 625,00 (price half day: € 350,00)

21% tax excluded. All prices are per person.
De short courses can also take place in small groups

Psychological Safety


November 14, 10.00 – 16.00


Den Bosch


€ 250,- p.p lunch included

Masterclass ‘The power of psychological safety’ (in Dutch on November 7)

“We are expected to work together at all levels. Now as much as 50% more than 20 years ago. Attracting talent is no longer enough, it is now about working well together and retaining talent.

Psychological safety sets the stage for a fairer, more challenging, more collaborative and therefore more effective work environment. Working on psychological safety can reduce employee turnover by 27% and increase productivity by 12%!

How does this work? A safe work culture in a diverse environment? What does that mean for the management, supervision and the active propagation of the desired standards and values?

During the masterclass you will gain insight into the changing context of why a “Safe work culture for everyone” has become so topical and you will receive practical tools to apply immediately.

What does it mean for your organization?

At the end of this masterclass you will have insight into making psychological safety a topic for discussion and you will have received practical tips on which instruments you can use.

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What do I offer teams?

“making the most of your team”


Team training

60-80% of all problems in a company are due to clash of values, personalities and leadership challenges.
It’s because of the lack of understanding of why people think and behave differently and how to turn those differences into synergy instead of painful liability. The team training is based on 3 pillars: Psychological safety, Motivational Drive and Cognitive Diversity

What it brings to your team

Getting comfortable as a person or team is dangerous. It might look like the team is comfortable, but no one sees the blindspots that prevent the team (and you as a professional) from performing better. With the team training you will discover the blindspots of your team(s) and you will get very practical knowledge and tools to transform into a team that performs at the next level.


Team trainings

The team trainings are unique because we use the power of repetition. We meet 4 times in person, offering all the time to process and implement the new gained knowledge. Secondly, each training is custom made and personal. Result: not just a one of training, but permanent change of behaviour and awareness.

Each team training is different. You decide the take aways that fit best to your team and organization. Your team will find out how each individual acts, feels and thinks, and how this effects the team. During this training we (re)set the goals and find the best ways to reach these goals. The foundation of the team trainings is Global DISC, a certified, scientific behavioral tool.

  • Global DISC
  • Growth 1.0
  • Fast-teaming passport
Kick off meeting
  • The personal and professional cost of relying on common sense and how to unlock that potential
  • Analyses of assessments – bringing science to mindset, behaviour and culture
  • Laying the foundation for developing the proven traits of high-performing teams and leaders
Individual coaching
  • 90 minutes individual debrief
  • Confidential feedback about the kick off session
  • Gaining input to further customize the next sessions for maximum value
Session 2
  • Vision – core values, focus and clarity
  • Idividual mindset – how to lead yourself before managing others
  • Feedback – how to give and receive it so it gets results instead of resistance
Session 3
  • Group mindset –the power of habits. Is there an even better way of doing things?
  • Brain fryer – how to turn differences into synergy
  • Code of conduct – the non-negotiable principles of high-performing teams
  • Analysis of progress and decision about next steps
  • Growth 1.0
I want to know more
What do I offer professionals?

“Now I understand why persons in my (professional) circle react the way they do, finally!”



Enabling businesses and individuals become more effective & successful when working, living and doing business across cultures

Whether your plan is to relocate for a short time or long term, being prepared for upheaval makes the difference between a happy expat experience and a miserable one.

Whether you have a job, accompanied your spous(e)/ partner, or intent to find a job, I can empower you to become more successful when working with different cultures.

I will help you with your ‘next level’ integration into Dutch culture. I can teach you about Dutch norms and values be they in the workplace, at home, in the supermarket or the playground. It goes without saying that I will give you practical skills, tools and tips.

Living in a different country can be amazing or it can be awful, and some things you really can’t influence. How you approach the experience can however make the difference between being thoroughly miserable or having a wonderful time.

“Now I understand why persons in my (professional) circle react the way they do, finally!”


The methods that I work with

For my training programs I use the knowledge I gained at Nyenrode Univesity, Lewis Communications and ICQ global + my own (personal) work experience. I spent a lot of time in France and as a project manager I travelled all over Europe. I gained quite some insights in human behaviour, the impact of cultural differences, languages and customs and habits. This mixture of knowledge and experience led to the creation of my company. Because there is a solution for miscommunication. My programs are based on 2 scientifically proven philosophies.

ICQ Global – http://www.icqglobal.com

I am a licensed practitioner of ICQ Global and help people live up to their personal potential, simply by taking away the barriers that keep them from having good relationships with others. Global DISC is an important element of my activities. DISC reveals what we do, how we do it and why on a communication and behavior level.

CrossCulture is a division of Richard Lewis Communications, founded by Richard D. Lewis – one of Britain’s foremost linguists. This model helps us understand other cultures, starting with our own. The successful managers of the 21st century will be the culturally-competent ones’

“Normal” is as subjective and temporary as common sense, even though we tend to believe it is obvious and universal.”



Below we give you some references. If you would like to have more detailed information, feel free to contact me, I will provide you with all the information you would like to see.

Dr. Robin Grant


“I was working with Ms. Klomp during 2008 – 2010, when I was President of the Association. She has been invaluable in coordinating facilitating the development of EANO by sourcing web development, legal and financial assistance, which was integral to the grow of the organization. She has had to deal with a multilingual Executive Board and a world-wide membership over 500. As well as being the point of contact from Board and member requests, she has managed subscriptions, databases, web newsletters and collaborated on publicizing and evaluating education activities, including the annual meeting of over 1000. We have found her trustworthy, discrete, organized and efficient in all the activities that she has performed for the Board.”

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